And my son’s spiritual advisor is…

The conversation took place in the car, as all the most interesting conversations do. We drive past a school with a big crucifix lit up on its roof. Boy-Child (5): Hey! It’s a cross. Like what Jesus had! Me: Yup. Boy-Child: Except His was up on a hill. Wasn’t it, Mum? Me: Yes, that’s what … More And my son’s spiritual advisor is…

Goose Pox

Out of the blue, Boy-Child came at me with some hard-hitting questions about something I care deeply about. He has a bad habit of doing this, and I’m always less than prepared. Boy-Child: Mum. Can you tell me about chicken pox? Me: Chicken pox? That’s a serious illness that used to affect lots of children. … More Goose Pox

And so, the child remains stubbornly pre-verbal

It’s almost as if she’s heard the stories of her precociously articulate brother, stringing words together at his first birthday party. Baby Girl seems bent on doing the opposite, and at this stage I won’t be surprised if she’s still speaking in an endearing combination of tuneful babble, monosyllabic grunts and mime when she heads … More And so, the child remains stubbornly pre-verbal

Spring is in the air.

We saw some new calves on the drive to kindy this morning. Me: Oh, look! The cows have had babies! It must be Spring! Boy-Child: Oh, it definitely is Spring. The sun is shining! Me: Uh-huh. Boy-Child: The birds are tweeting! Me: Sure are. Boy-Child: Our bean plants are growing sprouts! Me: Yup. Boy-Child: The … More Spring is in the air.