Re: ‘Bouncing Baby Boy’ delivery

From: New Parent      3.04am To: Dear Sir/Madam, The above item from your ‘Bundle of Joy’ range was received into our care recently, and I have some fairly serious concerns I hope you’ll be able to address. First of all, the parcel took six days longer than anticipated to arrive. I realise this can hardly … More Re: ‘Bouncing Baby Boy’ delivery

Well played, Daddy

We’ve introduced a new parenting regime here this week. 1-2-3 Magic is a novel approach for us, in that it involves the parents being in charge (I know, right? Groundbreaking stuff!), and wielding their almighty power without nagging, raised voices, or cursing the day their offspring was born. Basically, it’s a ‘three strikes’ system by … More Well played, Daddy

Spring is in the air.

We saw some new calves on the drive to kindy this morning. Me: Oh, look! The cows have had babies! It must be Spring! Boy-Child: Oh, it definitely is Spring. The sun is shining! Me: Uh-huh. Boy-Child: The birds are tweeting! Me: Sure are. Boy-Child: Our bean plants are growing sprouts! Me: Yup. Boy-Child: The … More Spring is in the air.

The crayon is mightier than the sword: Fathers’ Day edition

‘I love my daddy because he is really hairy. One day I will be as hairy as him!’. I honestly thought that he always just drew Daddy with multiple belly-buttons (because belly-buttons are awesome and Daddy’s the most awesome person he knows). Turns out, that’s been chest hair all along. Happy Fathers Day to the … More The crayon is mightier than the sword: Fathers’ Day edition