Hooray again!

Big week this week at Mummy Spits the Dummy!

Sammiches and Psych Meds

First, I’m over on one of my favourite sites Sammiches and Psych Meds with my piece Hungover With Kids (or Please Please Just Kill Me Now) – this is a very exciting development for me, because if the piece gets enough views over the next month I could stand to earn, like, thirty bucks! So please, go check it out, and share it shamelessly on all your social networks if you like the idea of me potentially earning a little money from my writing!


Second, I’m a guest of the lovely Claire at Life Love and Dirty Dishes with some Pro Tips for Rookie Parents as part of her very funny ‘Rookie Mistakes’ series. Claire’s blog is awesome, and I’ve got some fine company with the Rookie Mistakes guest writers – please go and have a giggle at our expense.

Also, I’ve just seen on The Project that I have been practising some extreme and controversial parenting when I breastfed my baby on demand, slept with her and wore her close to me through the day, so in the absence of time for a proper rant here is a photo of us both being utterly traumatised by this approach:

Extreeeeme! Controversial! Arrrgh!!
Extreeeeme! Controversial! Arrrgh!!

10 thoughts on “Hooray again!

      1. That’s true. I was hoping you would share something about the physical pain, too, as my daughter is soon to experience it herself. And I have no idea what to expect for her. :/


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