Well played, Daddy

We’ve introduced a new parenting regime here this week. 1-2-3 Magic is a novel approach for us, in that it involves the parents being in charge (I know, right? Groundbreaking stuff!), and wielding their almighty power without nagging, raised voices, or cursing the day their offspring was born. Basically, it’s a ‘three strikes’ system by … More Well played, Daddy

Hello, strangers!

Hey, it looks like I’ve picked up a few new likers and followers today! And if I’m not mistaken, some of you are neither close friends nor blood relatives of mine! Welcome, and thanks for reading. I’d love to know how you came upon my little blog, so I can work out what I did … More Hello, strangers!

A laundry miracle!

My predictably unpredictable son came running into my room a couple of days ago, urgently demanding an empty laundry basket. It was an intense laundry catch-up day so I wasn’t keen to give one up for play, and was explaining this while he dragged me to his room – to show me this: HE HAD … More A laundry miracle!