Hello, strangers!

Hey, it looks like I’ve picked up a few new likers and followers today! And if I’m not mistaken, some of you are neither close friends nor blood relatives of mine! Welcome, and thanks for reading. I’d love to know how you came upon my little blog, so I can work out what I did right today and whether I can replicate it (new at this, but similar to my karaoke approach: what I lack in skill I intend to make up in enthusiasm). If you don’t mind leaving me a quick comment to let me know what enticed you here, that’d be great. I look forward to baffling you with more of my domestic foibles in future!

5 thoughts on “Hello, strangers!

  1. Hmmmm, I may not be blood related but as the Godfather to your eldest I thought that afforded me some sort of privilege.
    Not sure why it came up as blank as I’ve signed in as me.


  2. Umm I think the strange people you are referring to maybe…me? o_O Haha
    Your post “I was once a paragon of parenting. Then I had kids and ruined it.” described exactly how I used to be before kids. I could relate to all of the points you made. How true are they!

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    1. Ahaha, thanks Stranger Laine (who is in fairness probably no stranger than I am)! Did my post appear at random in your reader feed? Were you referred by another blogger? Or had you done a search for ‘parenting’ tags or similar? I was reeling a bit yesterday – in a good way – when I suddenly had likes, comments and follows from non-family-members within minutes of a new post; that’s never happened before! Don’t worry folks, I’ll stay true to my roots and won’t let my sudden Internet fame (EIGHT FOLLOWERS! Count ’em!) go to my head. 😉


      1. I think I came across it through the parenting tags.
        Haha I think if you keep doing what you’re doing, your fame will undoubtedly rise! Go you! ⭐

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