Oh dear. Someone’s going to be disappointed.

So, it seems my blog had a visitor today who may have been searching for something I, er, don’t generally provide. Thanks Google!

Although I often embarrass my husband, it's usually unintentional and 'dummy and nappy humiliation' really isn't my area of expertise.

Don’t Google it. No, really. Unless you’re into that kind of thing, in which case there’s a wealth of material out there for you, yay! I’m four pages down, which I guess implies (correctly) that I sometimes mention husbands, nappies and the word ‘dummy’, but not usually in the same sentence.

Thanks for dropping by though, lost Googler! Hope I wasn’t too much of a disappointment, and you did eventually find what you were looking for!

2 thoughts on “Oh dear. Someone’s going to be disappointed.

    1. I know! I generally have a policy of ‘don’t read the comments below online news articles’. I think I need to extend that to include ‘don’t read the search engine terms leading to hits on your blog page’. I certainly hope I’m not misleading anyone with this title! o_O


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