Spring is in the air.

We saw some new calves on the drive to kindy this morning.

Me: Oh, look! The cows have had babies! It must be Spring!
Boy-Child: Oh, it definitely is Spring. The sun is shining!
Me: Uh-huh.
Boy-Child: The birds are tweeting!
Me: Sure are.
Boy-Child: Our bean plants are growing sprouts!
Me: Yup.
Boy-Child: The dandeli have laid their eggs!
Me: Ye-… wait. What?
Boy-child: You know! The dandeli. Their eggs fly through the air in the springtime and grant wishes to the girls and boys.


Let us recall that this is the same child who once believed that Santa carries presents for all the children of the world ‘in his bum’, and on Christmas Eve flies from house to house, crapping joy down every chimney. Don’t know where he got that from. Don’t know where he got the ‘dandeli eggs’ from either.He knows they’re called dandelions, and he knows those are seeds. His father is a horticulturist for crying out loud. 

Do I need to take more responsibility for this kid’s mythical instruction? Or just continue to keep notes for my own amusement and trust he’ll figure it out eventually?

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