Fun with kids: posting mail.

It’s Easter! Seemed like an appropriate time to, er, resurrect an old post, since I don’t have time to do any proper writing this weekend. Enjoy!

Mummy Spits the Dummy

1. Load kids in car. Start car, open garage.

2. Unload kids. Go back inside, change dirty nappy. Repeat step 1.

3. Listen to ‘Hey Jude’ over and over en route to post office, as per four-year-old Boy-Child’s request.

4. Assemble letter-posting supplies: Letters, envelopes, gift card for nephew, photos for Nan, money for stamps.

5. Assume place in queue at post office to buy stamps.

6. Reach second place in queue. Leave queue as Boy-Child needs to go to the toilet and can’t hang on for two more minutes (although he is somehow able to hang on during the walk to toilet at other end of shopping centre and can even manage some dawdling to gawk at rides and merchandise on the way).

7. Assume place at end of new queue, which is suddenly twice as long as the original.

8. Attempt to keep both children from touching every…

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2 thoughts on “Fun with kids: posting mail.

  1. Oh, my godfathers, this was a hoot. And I loved the fact that you turned the mishap into a teachable moment. (and loved it even more for the fact that you were able to restrain yourself from that tempting gin).
    You are a wonder mom. With a wonderful sense of humor to boot. Lucky, lucky offspring. 😛

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    1. Ha! Glad you enjoyed it. I’m pretty sure the entire episode was a teachable moment for any childless onlookers, on the importance of contraception. You’re too kind. Now I’m off to remind my children how lucky they are! 😉


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