The crayon is mightier than the sword: Part III (or whatever installment I was up to)

Exhibit A: Nostril Dude

Hooray! Another fascinating look into the slightly demented world that is the artistic mind of my five-year-old! He’s started school now, so there’s a constant stream of masterpieces making their way home with him. Some are magnificent in detail. Some are just plain funny. Some are both. I love this guy’s ‘hands in the air like ya just don’t care’ enthusiasm, his rolling eyes, plentiful teeth and unilateral sideburn, as well as his outlandishly large nostrils.

Exhibit B: Why We Don’t Ride On Top Of Cars

So this one is a cautionary tale. It’s a caution against letting your son watch Mr T’s World’s Craziest Fools, among other things. We see two friends taking a nice drive on a pedestrian crossing, when three ‘foo’s’ decided to ride on the roof of their car. The two ‘foo’s’ bouncing on top are still having a great time. The bloke who fell off and is now  desperately hanging on to the back of the car, not so much. Sad face.

Exhibit C: Passive-Aggressive Family Portrait?

And here is our latest family portrait.
Me: Oh, looks great, mate! I like the hearts.
Boy-Child: Yes! I did them because I love my whole family! There’s you. And Daddy. And me in the middle. And our TV! We’re watching spiderman.
Me: Lovely. And what about your sister? Where is she?
Boy-Child: Who?

(She’s only lived with us for almost two years. Smelly pants, poor coordination, speaks mostly in gibberish? Ringing any bells?)

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