How to Be a Perfect Parent: The 20-Step Method

It really is this simple, people. In fact, after reading this post and having all the answers at last, I expect I’ll have to start fabricating parenting farces for blogging purposes, as I’ll have it all stitched up in real life! 😉
Thanks to Cogito Ergo Mum for this very funny post. You should check her out – she blogs about parenting and philosophy, but definitely not ‘parenting philosophies’!

Cogito Ergo Mum

Abby BoidHere is what you should do in order to provide the best for your children, to ensure that they are healthy and happy, and that they grow up to be good and successful adults.

What follows is the information I have gathered from my 38 years experience of being alive and my 13 cumulative years of parenting, presented to you in a concise, easy to follow list. I’ve read books, watched documentaries, listened to woman’s hour. I have done my research, so you don’t have to.

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