The crayon is mightier than the sword: Part 1

Art can be a great way for kids to express their emotions. Or to menace their parents with thinly-veiled threats. Or just to confuse and/or embarrass them on paper.



My son and I had some differences of opinion the other morning about whether AC/DC is acceptable breakfast music, whether undies really need to be worn under clothes, and whether the cat needs feeding EVERY day (No, yes, and yes, in case you weren’t sure). He eventually complied, then presented me with this drawing. Of me. Looking sad. Inside a crocodile’s belly.



Self-portrait on balloon. The likeness is uncanny. He even does that thing with his eyebrows in real life.



Me: ‘Wow! I love the spider that you made at kindy today!’
Boy Child: *withering look* ‘Mum. It’s not a spider. It’s a banana with seven legs and one long nose’.
Of course it is. Silly me.

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