Bananas do not make good drumsticks.

Well, maybe they do. But they certainly don’t make a good long-term investment for that purpose. (I was being all industrious this morning and filling the slow-cooker instead of dawdling over coffee while the kids ate breakfast. I was actually thinking how cute it was that Boy-child was singing to baby girl to keep her entertained. I didn’t realise he was accompanying himself on the fruit bowl drums, although the dull and increasingly moist-sounding beat should have given it away. Silly me).

Oh well. They're only, what? $5 a kilo or so at the moment?

On a completely unrelated note, I think I might make some banana bread this afternoon. Sigh.

5 thoughts on “Bananas do not make good drumsticks.

    1. Stop. That’s torture. I’m on a dairy-free diet because of Baby Girl’s milk intolerance and there’s just no substitute for white chocolate melts 😦
      Hey, I just clicked through to your twitter feed. You tweeted about me?! Thanks Shane. *blush*


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